6 Nations

6 Nations: The Guinness Six battle between Ireland and Wales is rarely exciting, and the conflict between the Grand Slam titles of 2018 and 2019 this year will not change.

Both sides shared a total of 6 wins and a single draw in 13 games before the Champions League, and will also make a difference at Aviva Stadium this weekend.

These two teams are strong and dynamic, and they include the experience of 23 men in Ireland, wearing 878 hats and at least 927 in Wales.

Wayne Pivak’s impressive rookie Nick Tompkins last week took Johnny McNichall in the starting lineup, supporting changes at a minimum.

Meanwhile, two changes have occurred in Ireland: Robbie Henshaw and Peter O’Mahoney replaced the wounded duo Harry Ringrose and Kelan Doris.

Josh Adams wears a Welsh sweater, and the 24-year-old winger has made ten attempts in his last eight games for the country.

His winning streak of three games teamed up with George North, who moved to the wing after playing against the Scottish center, and Lee Haffenny looks promising.

But the reigning Guinness Six Nations champions faced a tough challenge at Aviva Stadium: Ireland won 16 of their last 17 trials.

The people of Pivak will try to win the Guinness Book of Records for the ninth time in a row, which corresponds to their longest victory in the tournament.

If we are going to fight at the stadium of the Duchy last year, then on Saturday in Dublin we must meet without a single fight.

Head coach of the Irish national team Andy Farrell: “I think that both Henshaw and Peter [O’Mahoney] did well against Scotland on the bench, and this is a good choice for the game.

“They were great all week, and it affected performance. Unfortunately, Will Addison is still injured in the lower leg and cannot be treated. Dave [Kilcoin] was fulfilling his HIA agreement, which was not bad at the time. ” But Jack McGrath is standing nearby.

“I think that Max has all the signs of a great tramp in the rear. You are participating in an unknown project in Test Match Rugby, but we think it is ready. He is an excellent multi-player football player, and we think that he will be an additional dimension, especially in terms of insults.

“I thought Wales [against Italy] was great, this is the second game after the barbaric game. I think everyone is crazy because of their wide range of games, they did a good job, but they have been in Waldorf for the past 10 years. ”The ancient traditions visible under Lena (Gartland) still exist.

“Whether you believe it or not, we are very confident in what position we are in. We won the first game at home – some excellent decisions, and people did not give Scotland the merit it deserves.

“Traveling to Scotland, we knew that it would be fierce, because they were not satisfied with what the World Cup did to us. They threw us everything, it was worn out and a proper test match was necessary to win. ”

Speaking about the changes in the Wales team, head coach Wayne Pivak said: “This is more about Nick Tompkins’s abilities and race, whether he replaces the HIA or When he acts as a replacement for the HIA, the game ends.

“George North jumped off the sidewalk, and we were very pleased with George’s play. Johnny McNichall was a victim, but this week he will receive a spare seat.

“In terms of what the public thinks of him (Tompkins) last weekend, we see this every day in training. Not only in training, but also how he behaves outside the hall.

“He is a true professional, and for a young man of this age he is an experienced professional player. His approach is very good and impressive.

“I just hope that he can perform as well as get off the bench.

“{Ireland] is a very strong team, and if they get to their feet, they will be very dangerous. “We must be very careful in the field we play on and make sure that we meet the physical conditions that will obviously exist.”

“We know that this is not an easy place, and their record is obvious. It will be a huge problem, but we must move forward and play on the right field. ”

“The support that we have now will be on the other side. They will support the team in green. ”

The battle for two outside centers will be interesting this weekend.

Tompkins entered the international arena like a duck on the water, transferring all the qualities that we saw in rugby to the bottom line in Wales.

His combined abilities are similar to Jonathan Davis, and if he can bring a similar level of threat, Wales will be healthy.

The one who got confused with Tompkins was also on Robbie Henshaw’s bench earlier last week.

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