Pebble Beach Pro Am 2020

Pebble Beach Pro Am 2020: Nick Taylor felt good at the Pebble Beach Professional Amateur Championship.On Friday, Jason Day was warmly reminded at Pebble Beach to punch the way he wanted, make a series of punches and see his name on the leaderboard is How good.

One day, he photographed two long birds on a green field, and at a dangerous parity on the 5th and the 14th. He hid a 40-yard long wedge of the eagle, made two big saves, and then disagreed with AT & T Pebble. 8 64 in Beach Pro-yes

He was two shots behind Nick Taylor of Canada, who scored four of the last five holes on Pebble Beach and scored his first 36 on the PGA Tour. Hole lead.Taylor is between 14 and 129 years old.”I feel like a lot of time has passed since I actually got there, and I feel what I feel today, and I’ve performed so well,” said Dai.

Defending champion Phil Mickelson also mingled with four birds in a row after opening the Monterey Peninsula. He scored an astonishing result on the 9th par and 3 pars, ending the game with a 7 below par. He is three shots behind.

Since winning last year at Pebble Beach, Mickelson hasn’t made the top 10 on the PGA Tour yet, although he finished third in Saudi Arabia last week, contributing to the event Five championships.

God knows this feeling. Since last year’s top-ranked Pebble, only three of the top ten have been registered, and none of them were last June. He didn’t debate it seriously. His back problems were so disappointing that he wondered from time to time how many more balls he wanted to play. He described them during the “dark period.”

His forecast for Friday was at least as bright as the sun on the Monterey Peninsula, at least until shallow seas or partial orbits had cooled.

Day gave birth to 5 couples and made a 45-foot edge blow on Pebble’s fifth table 3. His par 3 at the 12th hole covered a 50-foot bird, which is another bonus. Then he broke out, missing an eagle on the 14th hole and a 15-foot bird on the 15th hole.Before the three games are formed, another round needs to be played. There is nothing quieter than Pebble Beach.If the weather is really good, you can get off the pebbles,” Date said.

That’s how Taylor created a bird with 5 equal results in his 66th shot. The same is true of 33-year-old PGA Tour rookie Chris Baker, who was very excited to play against Pebble Beach in Wednesday’s training session. His 64 shots on Friday put him four shots behind Charles Schwarzel (pebbles at 66).Of the top five players, only Mickelson was not on Pebble Beach.

The face value of the Monterey Peninsula was hit twice, and the average odds of Cobble were nearly doubled. Spyglass Hill’s face value is almost a hit, so it’s no surprise that last Friday only one player in Spyglass entered the top 20-Matt Every.

Taylor led all professional players to lead with two shots of 63 and eight in the first round of Pebble Beach, California on Thursday. Patrick Cantley and Chase Seyffert took second place after the 65th birthday, and eight players under the age of five.

Taylor was not mistaken; he ended his day with six birds, an eagle and zero gods. According to, it scored an average of 323 yards per game, fulfilling 88.9% of green demands and a driving accuracy of 92.3%.

Other notable accomplishments for mobile professionals include Phil Mickelson (-4), Jason Day (-4), Dustin Johnson (-3), Matt Kuchar (-2) and Jordan Spite (-2). On that day, the stars provided the highlights they deserve.

Of course, the joy of any Pro-Am is to watch the actions of famous lovers. Kevin Strelman and the Arizona Cardinals combination, Larry Fitzgerald, showed strong results on Thursday, with a field goal below 11 points, ahead of the field.

However, Fitzgerald was not the only one to lose on the green. The legendary canter and surfing legend Kelly Slater are at an amazing distance of less than nine, but many famous names are still controversial.

Among them: Victor Hovland and Houston Astros ace Justin Wieland (-8), Kevin Chappell and former NFL quarterback Eli Manning (-8), Max Homa and Green Bay Packers Aaron Rogers (-8), Mickelson and NFL Hall of Fame Steve Young (-6), Lanto Griffin and McLmore (-6), Luke Donald and NFL legend Peyton Manning (-5), Brandon Wu and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (-5), Johnson and NHL Legendary Wayne Gretzky (-5), Spieth and country singer Jack Owen (9-4) and D.A. Dot and Bill Murray (-3), among others.

Irving performed even better during the day: but on Thursday it belonged to Taylor, who had a great start to his career with a two-shot lead.The entry fee to the professional golf tournament for the 2020 AT & T Pebble Beach professional amateur match is set at $ 100,000 and the winner’s share is $ 10,000 separately from the standard 18% payout in the bonus distribution table PGA Tour. ,

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is headed by Jordan Spit, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar and Phil Mickelson, and 12 of the top 50 in the world.

In a field of 156 players, each professional team teamed up with an amateur in the first three rounds of the game, and took a clean place after 54th place in 25 professional amateur teams on Sunday (no relationship). On a pebble beach. These 25 teams received money.

For professional games, the best 60 players and a draw go to the finals. The top 65 players and a draw through 54 holes were won with a professional bonus of $ 7.8 million. Only professionals can pay with a Pro-Am wallet. Lovers do not take money.

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