Pebble Beach Pro Am Live

Pebble Beach Pro-Am Live: Pebble Beach, CA Nick Taylor drove the eagle, closed two birds and fired 63 shots and 8 shots on the Monterey Peninsula to make it a better day. This allowed him to get ahead of the AT & T Pebble Beach pro championship on Thursday.

Most of the three courses are alternately interested in Spyglass Hill, including Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson, and five NFL advocates, of which including Payton Manning and his recently retired brother Eli.

Famous landscapes are located on a pebble beach, especially when surfing becomes turquoise in such great sunlight.

Taylor is silently and efficiently conducting business.

Starting with the last nine holes of the Monterey Peninsula, with a breeze on its back, it hit the back finger with 4 iron, which placed the eagle 4 feet apart and used 3 iron in the burr, it hit two birds, six holes, sixteen holes and knew that played well when hit 10 feet with four irons in the first hole. This is a four-hole hole at 495 yards, cold at sea level. Feels even longer.

Better yet, the 5-shot iron retreats 5 feet to the sea, and then uses 3 shots using the wind to serve 240 yards from a 20-foot t-shirt that he had never seen before.

“A good start,” Taylor said, referring to iron number 4 for the construction of the Eagles and number 63 to match his low position on the PGA Tour. “The weather helps. If it rains, it is a strong wind, and five and a half hours is a long circle. But today we are very relaxed, joking all day, and I feel good. “

He led Patrick Cantrell (Spyglass) and Chase Seyfferta (Pebble Beach) with two hits, both of which were below paragraph 6.

The current champion Phil Mickelson took third place in Saudi Arabia last week, this is his best result for the year. He was a little disappointed with Spyglass at 68 because he felt like he played well on a T-shirt.

“I’m riding like a stallion,” Mickelson said. He used this phrase to describe the pay-per-view game he received in Las Vegas against Tiger Woods.

Cantlay won 9 birds at Spyglass, not even the best club in the group. On the rugged coastline of the coast, the best view of this amazing day is to watch surfering champion Kelly Slater in a green field, not a pipe.

“He looks like the best club on the tour today,” Cantley said of his amateur partner.

Cantley, who had tried surfing in his teens and wisely quit surfing, showed why golf was fine with him. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the round he had two scarecrows and got into the mud in the 14-hole race, he was still one of the leaders and was satisfied with all aspects of the game.

Two warheads were in the chip behind the green in the second hole, the chip was knocked out with a pin at a distance of about 6 feet, and the bird hit the scarecrow with a blow of three shots at 18 feet. The fourth hole is painted on green.

The rest are good, and the number of birds is encouraging.

Cantlay is very fond of the Monterey Peninsula, he can retire, and he has even more reasons to love him on Thursday. His group set off for the first time in the morning, giving them the opportunity to get as many as nine fresh vegetables.

“The course is probably the best form I’ve ever seen, and our weather is getting better and better.” “Yes, it’s cool”.

Dustin Johnson scored 69 points at Spyglass, while Jordan Spit signed up for 70 points. They usually perform in the same group as amateurs, hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky and country singer Jake Owen.

Gretzky came across a bunker on tee 6, found the first of two bunkers in front of the green one and entered the other bunker from there. Asleep sent good news: “There are no shelters,” he said.

This is the essence of this week, an incomparable combination of landscapes and amateurs (including artists and athletes) and corporate giants who know that the net worth of more than $ 1 billion does not soothe patterns.

Below par 5 was Charlie Hoffman, who stood out from the Eagles well on Spyglass’s 4th hole, having won the most approval of the day, as well as PGA TOUR rookie Harry Higgs. Higgs), he recruited Commissioner Jay Monaghan as his partner.

Mickelson was finally happy to enter the game after he turned 68, although when he was not able to catch bird 5 in Spyglass and make 10 holes without bird, until he caught the bird in the last three holes, It doesn’t look like this great.

“I missed a lot of chances,” he said, “but I played 4 games below par, and that won’t hurt me.”

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