Pebble Beach Pro Am

Pebble Beach Pro Am: The first round of the AT & T Pebble Beach 2020 Professional Qualification Tournament began, and Nick Taylor won the game with two victories among everyone else in the field. Later that day, after other rivals entered the game, he closed 63, like the bird leading. Looking back at the Pacific Ocean, we will look at Taylor, his pursuers, and some of the celebrities in the fields below.

Lesson Reminder: Players will play three different lessons during the first three days, so the results may be misleading. Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill have the same average scores (up to 71 points), but the average score for a country club on the Monterey Peninsula is much lower. So anyone who approaches the leader and first plays on the Monterey Peninsula can have an illusion.

First place – Nick Taylor (-8): after 63 shots and 8 hits on the Monterey Peninsula, Taylor is ahead of Patrick Cantrell and Chase Seifert by 2. As I said above, playing on the Monterey Peninsula is much easier than the other two, so it’s unfair to play in all three courses, because they all play in different courses. ,

William Hill said that the most capable player here is Cantlay, one of the most popular players, and the first round received the +350 most popular players who won the game. He has a long history here, and he is by far the greatest talent at the highest level of the committee. Today he lost the game with 66 and 6 at Spyglass Hill.

Cantley’s breakthrough victory was won at the Memorial Championship last year, and he is perhaps the quietest player in the top ten over the past few years. His iron play is perfect for Pebble, and later this week he remains the easiest of the three courses on the Monterey Peninsula.

Last Place – David Duvall (+12): It was a tough day for Duvall, he lost shots in all categories of the game and lost 7 shots at close range. He has triple doubles and triple doubles on his 84th trip to Pebble Beach (I don’t think this is the triple take you need).

Other competitors – Harold Warner III (-5), Max Homa (-5), Phil Mickelson (-4), Jason Day (-4), Dustin Johnson (-3): I am pleased with the upcoming Homa in a row. He stands out in the top ten, because he chooses me again and again this week. He played golf very well, and he also entered the top ten in this tournament last year. Mickelson played Spyglass, so his score remained the same, and he ended his game with three birds and scored 68 hits and 4 hits. When he won here last year, he started 65-68-70, and then finished Sunday with a bird of three people 65 chances, a stroke victory. It is impossible for him to have a very strong start this year.

Amateur Board: The amateur side of the game is still a huge draw, after 18 holes the familiar duo tops the list. Kevin Strelman and Larry Fitzgerald shot 61 at Spyglass Hill on Thursday. Two men won seven hits in 2018 two years ago. Translation: Maybe it’s time to check the Fitzgerald obstacles!

Low QB: Fitzgerald led all NFL players, but Eli Manning won the QB-off in the first round. His team beat his brothers Payton, Tony Romo, Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan with eight shots on the first day. Eli made his QB belt for the first time in this game.

What to look for on Day 2: This is the loss of Cantley, but I want to see who is behind D.J., Mickelson and Day, who are running fast. Jordan Spyeth (-2) also reached the age of 70 in his game of Spyglass Hill. We hope that this week will attract him, and we will receive a double class of 2011 with Spieth and Cantlay on Sunday.

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